Top Most Tourist Places in USA

USA is the third biggest country in the world by its area. In present USA has the most powerful military force in the world. However USA is one of beautiful country in the world. As USA is very vast by its area and having fifty states therefore it is very difficult to visit all the tourist places in USA. Therefore a proper guidance is necessary to visit the top most tourist places. Here is the review of top most tourist places.

The Grand Canyon National Park:- The Grand Canyon National Park is situated in Arizona. Here the Grand Canyon is two hundred and seventy seven miles long. The Colorado River carved out this canyon bit by bit in a process that took millions of years.
On  this place you can also enjoy the cycling, mule riding and hiking.
The Niagara Falls State Park:- The Niagara Falls is in the New York state. Niagara Falls falls are as high as one hundred and seventy six feet and as long as one thousand feet.  Niagara Falls are the most beautiful and interactive in the world. This is like heaven on earth.
The Mount Rushmore National Memorial:- You can find the creativity of human in the South Dakota. Here is the four national monuments sculpted on the face of a single mountain. These monuments include depictions of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.
The District of Washington:- Washington is the national capitol of United States America. White House, the US Congress building, the Arlington National Cemetery and the Washington Monument are the famous places in the Washington.
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